While gifts are neither expected nor required, they are always a lovely surprise that adds to a meeting and a way to support me from afar if you're unable to book in person. To that end, my wishlist has options for both tangible gifts and financial options: 


You might also consider a gift card, particularly ones that support my hobbies and beauty regime. 
~Sephora Canada (for skincare and makeup to keep me looking my best)
~Lush (for my favourite bath bombs)
~Yarns Untangled (for my endless crochet projects)
~Hammer Skateboards (for shredding) 

Or you might consider: 

~Flowers or a pet-friendly plant 
~Chocolate (no nuts)
~A copy of your favourite book (fiction only please) 
~Non-alcoholic beverages (sparkling water, juice, ginger beer, etc)

Blessed are the hearts that can bend; they shall never be broken. -Albert Camus