I screen ALL clients for my comfort and safety. 

I only see clients who provide real-world screening info. Please save us both some time and do not contact me if this is something you are not willing to provide. 

As I am finalizing my dissertation and getting ready to defend, I have limited availability and I am selective. You must pass screening with flying colours and be respectful and cooperative throughout the screening process. 

Please provide one or more of the following*: 
  • A link to your LinkedIn profile, with a picture

  • Your work website bio, with picture

  • A link to another website including a photo of you that verifies your employment (e.g. IMDB page)

  • A photo of your work ID badge and a photo of your government-issued ID

  • A photo of you holding your business card and a photo of your government-issued ID or a photo of your government-issued ID and a photo of you with a piece of paper with your name and the date written visibly on it

  • Photos of your student ID and a government-issued ID
Ultimately, your screening information should establish who you are and connect it with your likeness. 
*Couples wishing to see me must provide screening information for *both* parties.