What sort of client do you prefer?
I prefer clients that understand that I am providing a service and who can relax and enjoy that service for what it is. I prefer clients who can respect my boundaries, and who are genuinely interested in meeting me and having (hopefully) ongoing, mutually beneficial encounters that are fun, relaxed, and sexy! 
Do you see [insert race/ethnicity here] men? 
I am quite happy to see men (and women, cis and trans) of any race or ethnicity, any body type, any ability. My only requirement is that you are 21 years or older. 
Will you accept X amount?/Will you see me for 30 minutes?/Can you make an exception on your deposit policy?
My rates are my rates and they are set in stone. Due to rising costs for nearly everything, I am simply unable to accept anything lower than my posted rate. I am also only available only for the lengths of time listed and I cannot make exceptions to any of my policies. If you take issue with my rates or policies for any reason, please simply do not contact me. 

Where can I learn more about you that's not available here? 

I'm on Twitter (@torontohussy) til death do us part. I also publish a free monthly newsletter about all things erotic, which includes any important updates or goings-on in my life that might influence my professional availability, and the occasional goodie not posted anywhere else. You can subscribe here: http://vedasloan.substack.com