COVID-19: Things to Know

These are unprecedented times and the pandemic has meant many of us are missing human touch and intimacy. In order for me to see clients, I need to protect both myself and you. Please read and consider the following before booking with me, though much of this was standard prior to COVID. Thank you for your understanding and patience. 

1. Please do not book with me if you feel ill, or have been around someone who is ill. 
2. If you need to cancel due to illness, deposits are refundable up to 24 hours prior.
3. Upon arrival, you will be asked to wash your face, hands, and use mouthwash before doing anything else, including removing coats and shoes. Please leave wallets/keys/phone on the counter. 
4. I wipe down every surface with germicidal bleach wipes before and after each client, as well as laundering all bedding after use.
5. I am fully vaccinated.