Veda Sloan

Curvy Companionship in Toronto, Canada

Welcome! I'm Veda (pronounced Vay-da), an adventurous, tender-hearted wild thing. Sensitive and inquisitive, I see the good in people and am on a lifelong quest for knowledge. My curiosity is never sated. I live for simple pleasures: a good book, a warm breeze, a damn fine cup of coffee. I find that these are always better enjoyed with someone beside you. 

I have a very giving nature and love to get to know people outside of my own circles. Time spent with me is both erotic and freeing, sensual and sweet.  Let me walk beside you and I'll take you places you've never been before. I value authenticity and find that when you are true to yourself, the eroticism is that much more enticing.  I offer a safe space to explore your desires, practice your skills, or to simply revel in pleasure.

I want to celebrate each other's passions, make you laugh, and hold you close.  Like solving a puzzle, I want to know what makes you tick and I know a thing or two about the ars erotica (erotic arts). With me, you'll always be in experienced hands. 

 I am more interested in sharing my time with genuine admirers (of all races, genders, or abilities) who want  something more than a quick fling. Let's laugh over coffee or sparkling water, share some intimate moments and escape from the world together. 

Physically, I am a voluptuous woman with soft curves, pale skin, and dark hair. I have perky D cups, a squishy belly and a laugh that lights up a room. I also have several tattoos (mainly on my arms) and several piercings (facial/ears only). My tattoos are in areas that can be covered if we are in public (should you so desire) and my facial piercings can be removed/hidden if you prefer a more Girl-Next-Door look. 


Until we meet,  


Age: 40 (March 12, 1983)
Height: 5'6"
Shoe Size: 10
Dress Size: 14-16, XL (I have a tricky body frame, and if you'd like to buy me clothing, it's much easier to send a gift card so I can purchase it myself, or even better, just take me shopping!)
Favourite Books: I tend to gravitate towards sci-fi, gothic horror, graphic novels/comics, the occasional historical biography, and nonfiction of the sociological and scientific variety. 
Currently Reading: Tear by Ericka McKeen
Favourite Film(s): I enjoy most genres but my heart belongs to sci fi/horror. That being said, my favourite movie is Point Break or Cry-Baby. 
Favourite Show(s): Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Father Ted, Metalocalypse, What We Do In the Shadows
Favourite Drink: sparkling waters, fresh juices, horchata, champagne